a Seattle Born...New York Living...Rock sanging...wild child.

Bless his heart.. He wants to sing so bad.. Lol. #CarlHancockRux

let me tell you something about this woman!!!!!! Divine power! @soularbliss

today’s office! Hope to see you all! We’re playing right in front of the New York Public Library… In the Hearst Plaza.. 2PM! Lincoln center out of doors — 62/63rd and   broadway (ish) - Deep roots of rock and roll!  (at Lincoln Center Out of Doors)

What y’all know about #LittleRichard? #theArchitectofRockAndRoll #DeepRootsOfRockAndRoll #Lucille

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talking about a bad ass show! What an honor to be sharing the stage with these incredible people! TOMORROW! #LincolnCenterOutOfDoors | FREE SHOW | 2PM | 63rd a between Amsterdam and Columbus | #NYC | meet me there !!!!!!!!!  (at Lincoln Center Out of Doors)

At rehearsal today it was like electricity was pulsating through my body.. vibrations. Live music .. Played by people who are one with their instrument/gift has a supernatural power. I couldn’t sit still. So looking forward to tomorrow’s show.

#TBT … that night a bunch of Seattle kids in #Brooklyn watched our #Seahawks win the #SuperBowl! We were On a million!!!!! #TownBiz @theemarquanthony @zaelynb @iambriannamichelle
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late ass post.. like a week late.. (Kinda).. #RedLightSpecial .. @sashaallenmusic’s lips… My shoulder .. Our booh @feetinrhythm looks scared… Adore these two! Loyal!๐Ÿ˜˜
when I tell you I adore this amazing woman! When I first moved to NYC she was one of the first to book me for shows… And a few years ago she text me and told me #TheBoxNyc was having auditions.. I said “what is the box?” .. She said “the most exclusive.. Livest..wildest club/shows in the city!” .. At the time I was still balancing music and corporate America ., working at the New York Times.. I auditioned for the box..and well, the rest is history! Thank you so much @lamazing for always looking out for me and believing in my gift! Love you girl!
i like em’ dirty… ๐Ÿธ๐Ÿšฌ